Greeting from the chairman

Mixed volleyball is a fun sports activity that can be played by all ages of both men and women.
We will be hosting the first international mixed volleyball competition, attracting teams from all over the world to come to Japan and compete for the world championship in 2020.
We aim to organize a happy, healthy and successful activity for you to enjoy.

What is mixed volleyball?

Mixed volleyball is one of the few non-contact sports played indoors with twelve men and women of all ages on the court at the same time. While we play in teams of six, the participants can be of varying abilities. Mixed volleyball is fun and although we always like to win, the main objective for beginners is to enjoy ourselves and help each other with the techniques so we can become better players.
As players become more proficient, there are more opportunities for competition. There is a balance of three men and three women on each team that can compete with teams from other volleyball clubs. In this way we are building a league of teams in Japan that can compete at the national level. At the same time as the Olympic Games in 2020, we will be hosting the first international mixed volleyball competition attracting teams from all over the world to come to Japan and compete for the world championship.

What is JMVA?

We started up The Japanese Mixed Volleyball Association (JMVA) in 2003. The Japanese mixed volleyball team is 1,000 teams in Japan which play competitively in three divisions- beginner, intermediate and advanced. Although volleyball started in the United States around the turn of the twentieth century, it was not until 1964 that it was included in the Olympics at Tokyo for the first time. Mixed volleyball however, did not start competitively in Japan until 2003 when twelve teams competed. That has now grown into 1,000 teams with more than 10,000 players enjoying competitive play in the non-profit Japanese mixed volleyball association. Popularity is increasing and soon we expect over 1,000 teams to be active in Japan.
We continue to build the league with the goal of hosting an international competition in Tokyo in 2020. This competition will attract national teams from all over the world and so at this time we invite international mixed volleyball associations to develop their teams so they can participate in international mixed volleyball competitions.

Competitive division

Two kinds of world cup will be held on March 7th and 8th 2020

No.1 Mixed volleyball world cup (6 people, average age 37)

Entry qualification: Free but we can accept only two teams from each country on a first come, first served basis. Average age of players on the court must be over 37 years.
Entry fee: $100/team

No.2 Mixed volleyball world cup

Entry qualification: We can accept only two teams from each country which are recommended by each country’s association..
Entry fee: $100/team

Competition rules

Basically, we use FIVB rules. Points of difference from the FIVB rules are:
*Height of the net: 224cm
*MVB (MIKASA) ball will be used- this is a softer ball which we developed to avoid injuries, it is of great benefit to the player.
*Rotation: The player to serve rotates in order.
*No jump serve
*No back attack
*Player changes: Players can be swapped out only with another player of the same gender including libero players.
*Libero rules: Three libero players can play at the same time. (It’s possible to register both 2men and 2women)
*Player number on uniform: Each uniform has a number from 0 to 99 on the both back and front.
Please check the simple rules for details.






JMVAはJapanese Mixed Volleyball Associationの略であり、2003年に日本混合バレーボール協会を設立しました。日本混合バレーボールは国内で1,000チームあり、全国大会では上級、中級、初級があります。



1. 混合バレーボール大会 (total220)1チーム全選手の年齢が220才

2. 混合バレーボール大会
参加費: 10,000円/1チーム